Uploading Multiple Images Faster For Your Craigslist Ad

I am extremely happy to introduce the new image uploader which is shown in the yellow square above. It really doesn’t look like much there, but will save those uploading a large amount of images a lot of time. Previously, a user had to select each file, one at a time, and hit Upload. This is a time consuming process for 20 images. Now with the new uploader, users can select all their images at once (1. by dragging across all file names they wish to upload 2. or holding the Ctrl key and selecting each image). As soon as the user selects the images and hits Open, the upload starts. The old uploader still functions the same way below, so it is available to use as well particularly if you wish to set titles on images. Also hitting the pencil icon on an image will allow you to add a title to the image. I hope all enjoy this new feature and please send any feedback.