Better Communication, New Look, Improved Listing Management

New Listing ViewWith a recent push, ListHD has gotten a new communication system, a new cleaner look, and a restructured listing management page, along with a few other tweaks. Here’s an overview of the recent changes.

  1. New communications system: With this new system, sellers can choose to respond directly the inquiring user by sending a new email (as they’ve done in the past), or replying to the system email. Now when a seller replies to the system email, the email is sent back to the system and saved, then a notification is sent to the inquiring user. The inquiring user can respond directly to the email or use a link to respond from a web page. Each notification email contains the full conversation thread. Take a look at how this works here.
  2. New look: ListHD’s styling as been adjusted to appear more modern and appealing all over. The layout of listing pages has been adjusted as well. Among these adjustments were: removing the category breadcrumb from the top, increasing the title size, pulling the price out of general listing information and increasing it’s size, making the “contact seller” link much larger and very noticeable, increasing the size of the phone number, and moving a few other links. The result is a much cleaner looking page that shows listing information clearer. The decreased height of the header allows more of the listing to show before scrolling.
  3. Listing management: It’s now very easy to renew or delete multiple listings at one time. Within your “my active listings” page, simply check the appropriate listings and select “Renew” or “Delete” from the dropdown menu at the top. There is also a new “Hold” status, which simply makes your listing not publicly viewable (it appears to be expired). You’ll notice a few other tweaks in the account section as well.
  4. Other Seller Listings: The other seller’s listings slider at the bottom of listings has been modified to first pull other listings from the same category and parent categories of the listing being viewed. The result should be more similar listings (to the one being viewed) showing, which should be more engaging to potential buyers. This selection is based on the categories selected when creating a ListHD listing. This optimization will only be noticed when a user has at least 20 listings posted.

What’s Next?

Improved system notifications and another new email feature for sellers are a couple of things I’ve got in mind, but I would love to hear from YOU!  What would you like to see added/changed?