HDmail: How It Works

What is HDmail?

HDmail is the name given to the system for processing buyer and seller communication via email. When a buyer uses the contact form, an email notification is sent to the seller. If the seller chooses to reply directly to that notification, the email is sent to HDmail, which saves the incoming message in the user’s ListHD inbox, then sends a notification to the buyer. The buyer can then do the same. This allows all communication to be saved and the seller’s email to be hidden.

There are some things you may want to be aware of to ensure HDmail works well for you. These guidelines are useful for those interested in using HDmail. Sellers can always email the buyer directly using the email address provided in the inital notification.

  1. Be sure to reply at the very top of the message. Most email clients automatically put the cursor at the top of the message, but there are a least a couple that do not.
  2. Do not modify the subject of the email. The subject contains important information required to properly process the incoming message.
  3. Be sure the email address you are replying from is the same as the one the notification was sent to (and that’s set in your ListHD settings). Some people have their inbox set up to receive email from multiple addresses, but send from only one. You must be sending the message from the email address that the¬†notification¬†was sent to for obvious reasons.
  4. Enable plain-text messages. This is rarely a problem. Even though many email clients send email in HTML format, they also include a plain-text version. Be sure that you haven’t disabled the plain-text version.

If an error occurs that prevents the message from being processed, you will receive an email stating the failure. This could happen if the subject was modified, an empty reply was sent, or if the email address wasn’t recognized (number 3 above).

If you are interested in using HDmail, I would suggest trying it out for yourself first. Go to one of your listings and submit the contact seller form using an email address you have access to other than the one in your ListHD settings. This will not only allow you to test it for yourself, but see how it works for the buyer as well.

All messaging will be monitored to ensure the system is processing messages correctly. If you see something that appears to be an error, please use the feedback form to let me know to ensure I’m aware of the issue.