How To Post a HTML Template Ad on Craigslist


Go to my active listings

Step 1

You should have already registered a user account and posted an ad to listHD by now, so login. After logging in, you will see a screen similar to the one on the right. Look under the My Account heading for a link called my active listings. Click that to get started.

Step 2

On this page (my active listings), you can view all of your active listings in a table. Look for the listing you wish to post to craigslist and click on the listing title. In this example, I’ll be clicking on “SAMPLE: Macbook 2.4GHz 4gb ram (115)”.

Select the template and options to post to Craigslist

Step 3

After selecting the title, you will see the main listings detail page. At the top, you should see a box that says “Post It” with options in it. Select the template and options you wish to use in your craigslist post, then click “Preview Template” to preview your selection. After you are happy with the template, go to the next step. If you have a craigslist account, go ahead and login with the “Login to CL” button.

Step 4

Now that you have logged into craigslist, click “Post to Craigslist”. A popup window will come up allowing you to finish posting your ad to craigslist.

craigslist post popup for html

Step 5

Now the popup window will look similar to that on the right. Select your category and location for posting in the craigslist window as usual.

html with large images to craigslist

Step 6

Once you come to the posting page for craigslist, your screen will look similar to the one on the left. Depending on your browser, you may be able to simply drag values from under the logo to the correct fields on craigslist. Some browsers do not support this. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the values from the fields under the logo to the craigslist fields.

To copy, first left click in the field to select the text. Now right click and you will see a menu similar to the one on the screen. Select Copy. Next, right click in the correct craigslist field and select Paste.

NOTE: Your images are in the description html text, so there is no need to upload images on craigslist, but it’s not a bad idea to upload your one main image to craigslist as well.

Hopefully this covered all areas for posting to craigslist, but if you still need assistance send me a question through the contact page.