How to post an ad on

Login to 

Step 1

You should have already registered a user account on listHD by now, so login. After logging in, you will see a screen similar to the one on the right. Look under the Listing Cart heading for a link called New Classified. Click that to get started.

Select the category 

Step 2

Choose the appropriate category for your item. Some categories have multiple levels of subcategories. You must continue picking the subcategories until you have selected the deepest level category which will take you to the page to enter details about your item.

Items sell with a good description 

Step 3

Now we are getting to the important stuff. You should see a screen similar to the one on the right. Enter an accurate, descriptive title to catch user’s attention. Next, you have the description field. Here you have options to format the text in order to organize and highlight features of your item. Basic formatting options are shown at the bottom. You may hover over the icons to see their names/description of what they do. You can select the html icon to enter direct html in the description, but be careful doing this. Some word processors generate bloated html code and you could hit the description field character limit of 7,000. You could also paste in code that is not allowed, which would mess up your ad. It is recommended to enter text and format text directly in this tool.

Contact info to post 

Step 4

Now after the description comes the rest of the fields. On the tags field, enter any keywords for your item to help searchers find it. The default location of your user account will be shown next which can be set as you wish. For price, you may enter a number and/or a label after it. Set the next contact fields as you wish. The location field is meant to act similar to the location field that craigslist uses. When you have finished entering details, click Next Step.


Upload videos and images for craigslistStep 5

Now you will come to the upload page. The first section on top allows you to embed youtube videos in your ad. Click Instructions next to Youtube Video Upload for details about this.

The next section allows you to upload images or files. The supported file uploads are: jpg, gif, png, tiff, bmp, pdf, doc, xls. For the image file types, a thumbnail will be generated. For the others, an icon will be shown. Be sure files you upload are less than 2.5MB in size, otherwise you will receive an error.

To upload, click Select File. Browse/select the file you wish to upload. Enter a title if you wish and click Upload. Wait for the file to upload and you will be given another chance to upload another file. When you are finished, hit Continue at the bottom of the page.

Update: A new image uploader has been added on top of the existing one. Click here to find out about it.


Finish posting your adStep 6

Now your almost done. To finish, simply click Checkout. You must hit Checkout for your listing to be active, otherwise it will remain in the cart for up to 2 weeks.

Hopefully this covered all areas for posting an ad, but if you still need assistance send us a question through the contact page.