Create a Dealer Storefront Free

Post up to 100 items free!

Showcase your inventory nicely by posting up to 100 items each with 20 high quality images and Youtube videos.

Create your own free storefront

Point people to one convenient place to view all your inventory. Create your own categories and assign items accordingly. Add custom pages as needed. All of your items on have a link to your storefront. With the right category setup, users will be able to navigate through your items to find what they are looking for.


Manage Inventory through Excel

Manage inventory with excel csv file

With a “dealer feed” account, you can add, modify, and delete inventory through Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc. Specifically, inventory is maintained through a .CSV file (comma seperated file). Images are done this way as well. This is very beneficial in time savings for those who maintain a high inventory with frequent changes.

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