Selling Heavy Equipment Online with Craigslist

Heavy equipment advertisement for craigslist

Sample listHD ad

There are several large websites out there that people post heavy equipment on such as IronPlanet, Machinery Trader, Equipment Trader Online, etc. All of those websites are great places to advertise, but have you considered Craigslist? Craigslist’s site as a whole gets far more traffic that any of the previous sites mentioned and is FREE to post on. Everyone should take advantage of it.

So maybe you are or are not already posting your equipment for sale on Craigslist. If you aren’t this is a great place to start. For those that are already posting on Craigslist, how do your ads look? By default, Craigslist ads include only 4 small images which is impossible to show machinery with. Craigslist does however allow users to enter HTML code in the description field. So those nice ads you see on Craigslist with large images are actually built with HTML code and the are images hosted online somewhere.

Don’t hit the Back button just yet. You don’t have to become a coder to place great ads on Craigslist. This is where listHD comes in. With listHD, you can create ads for your equipment by entering in basic details then uploading at least 20 images, linking YouTube videos to your ads if desired, and generating several different HTML template gallery options for craigslist.

Heavy equipment on craigslist template

The template on craigslist

Some of the advantages of using a listHD template instead of the standard craigslist ad are:

  • More photos in your craigslist ad
  • Larger photos in your craigslist ad- Images up to 800px instead of 300px.
  • Different layout options for your ad
  • Your photos and details are saved, so you can come back later and re-use/edit them.
  • An ad that is more attractive to buyers

Like craigslist, listHD is free to use. Even the dealer account that allows users to post up to 100 items is free. Why not give it a try and see how many more contacts you can get with a great looking ad. Take a more in-depth look at listHD’s features and sample templates here on the homepage.