Search Craigslist Much Faster With

Craigslist is the go to place to buy and sell things in almost all local areas now. Many people have found rare treasures and some awesome deals on there. The difficulty is that sometimes you have to look for hours to find that perfect deal, particularly when you are located in a very large city or are willing to travel to neighboring cities. On craigslist, multiple cities mean you have to perform multiple searches. Sometimes you may be flexible in what you are looking for and search for five different items. If your willing to look in four cities, that’s a total of 20 searches. That could take a good chunk of the day using craigslist.

Well there is good news! solves this problem by making craigslist searches much easier. With SearchTempest, you have options!  You choose where to search, what to search for, and how to view results. Specifically, possibly the coolest feature, is that you can enter your zip code and search craigslist sites within a radius of the zip code. The results come up in their own window on the next page for each craigslist city within your search as shown in this picture:

With these results, you may view ads right in the city window. All cities within your specified range with relevant ads are now there at your finger tips. As you might imagine, this cuts the search down to a fraction of the time it would take at craigslist’s site. As you can see from the image above, these search results come straight from craigslist, so there are no expired postings that are typically shown in other Google searches. Ebay and amazon results for your searches are optionally available as well. Ultimately, SearchTempest provides any of the normal craigslist search features, plus the ability to search across multiple sites with many other small features that make the buyer’s experience much better. Needless to say, it’s free, so go give it a try.