Post a Yard Sale on Craigslist with Template Gallery

A yard sale can be a great way to get rid of “junk” laying around the house as well as bring in a few extra dollars. Yard sales are a lot of work, so proper planning will make the most of your efforts and make you the most money. Proper planning starts with making sure local people know about your sale – ADVERTISING.

As the title gave away, I’ll be discussing how to best advertise a yard sale by posting on Craigslist. Craigslist is an excellent site to post all types of items, and advertising a yard sale is one. One weakness of Craigslist has been the four small images that come standard through the Craigslist interface. We’ll look at how posting a ListHD ad template gallery can overcome that weakness and bring in better results.

First, you should make a list of the items you want to sell. Be sure to especially list hot ticket yard sale items such as: furniture, relatively new electronics, tools, brand name clothing, etc. Now take pictures of your items and be sure to have pictures of those hot ticket items. You may want to go ahead and price an item or two or three low in your advertisement to act as a “Doorbuster” to draw people to your yard sale. The number one goal of your advertisement is to get people to the sale. Once people are there, then you can sell them on the items.

Image gallery for yard sale

Add titles to your images during upload to ListHD - Note that free refers to the image upload, not the item

yard sale template for craigslistRegister an account on, then start posting an ad. This is a process, so it will take a little time, but it’s an investment that’s well worth it considering all that goes into a yard sale. First, you will enter a headline in the title then details about your sale in the description. List out the items that will be in the sale and be sure to put those hot ticket items at the top. Next, you’ll be uploading images. Now for a yard sale, I’d recommend uploading one image at a time and writing a descriptive title for each image; some people even put prices on each item image. This would definitely be a great thing to do with any “Doorbusters”. After all images are uploaded, you can click and drag images to change the order. The image in the top left corner will be the leader, so put your best “Doorbuster” there. See the sample yard sale ad on ListHD to the right.

Continue through the listing process, hit Checkout at the cart, and if you have a total greater than $0, be sure to get a coupon. The next screen will allow you to post your ad template to Craigslist. You have options to choose as well to customize the template. Play with the options and hit “Preview”. If you have a Craigslist account, click the “Login to CL” button to go ahead and log in, if you have no account, that’s OK. Once you finalize your template options selection, go to “Poster Popup”.

yard sale html template

A sample yard sale post on craigslist

Now a popup window will appear on your screen with ListHD fields on the left side and a craigslist window on the right. Confirm that you are in the appropriate craigslist region/city, then select the category (garage sales) to post. When the page appears to enter your details, simply copy the fields from the left “ListHD fields” to the right “Craigslist window fields”. Finish the posting process in the craigslist window. Now pat yourself on the back, because you’ve got a great looking ad that will draw people to your yard sale. More information and help for posting on ListHD is located in ListHD Basics.

You can see the template posted on craigslist of the sample yard sale to the left. On that post, I used the “compact gallery”, which is one of several available layouts. See also samples of the other two current layouts available: flex gallery template and large gallery template.

To conclude, I would recommend getting your yard sale post up a full day in advance. So if your sale is on Saturday morning, maybe post it to Craigslist on Friday morning. You’ve made a great looking yard sale ad on ListHD, so why not share your ad. Easily share it on Facebook and Twitter or email to friends and family using the share buttons on your listing’s detail page in the top center. If you have an attractive “Doorbuster”, those people that see your share will quite possibly share it themselves. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter will probably be more beneficial later in the day or at night when more people are online.

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