How to Sell an RV Online with Craigslist

Selling an RV can be tough, being a recreational-luxury item, and especially tough in a down economy. There are some things you can do to increase your chances of success, so without further ado, let’s go over some.
Sell an RV online with CraigslistFirst, and most important, your RV has to be priced right – it has to be priced competitively. Well sounds great, but how do you come up with that magical number? It’s not too hard, but will take a little time. Take about thirty minutes to figure out that reasonable price. Knowing the market value now will help you down the road when a buyer tries to negotiate the price. I would suggest setting the price at a level where you are comfortable coming down some.

Here’s a couple of places to help determine a price for your RV:

  1. NADA RV Guide –
  2. RV Trader Online Price Checker –

Try to find the cheapest RV that is very comparable to yours, same make and model would be best, for a good comparison. Just remember, you are liking to run into some that are over priced, so just ignore those. Imagine that you are the buyer, looking for an RV just like yours. What price looks reasonable?

Second, write out a descriptive, personal ad description about your RV. First, list out all the facts and specifications regarding the RV. Buyers will be looking for this, so if you provide it in your ad copy, you will make it easier for them and your item slightly more attractive. Second, try to explain some of those details. Especially on lower-end RVs, many buyers are completely new to the RV world. They are having to learn a lot in the buying experience and if you can help them here, you are again at a slight advantage.

Lastly, try to make an emotional connection with the buyer. Now you are probably thinking that sounds nice, but there’s no way that’s happening! Well, it may be easier than you think. Think of the special times you had with family or friends in the RV. Maybe you used the RV for tailgating with your two sons and wife and the trailer hitch allowed you to bring your golf cart to ride around there. Maybe a bike rack that was added allowed you to easily bring everyone’s bike for riding at the camp ground. Doing this, will make the buyer think of his family in your story which 1. can create a great connection to your item and 2. make your item stand out from the others.

Take better RV pictures when selling an RVThird, take lots of good high quality images of your RV. Sounds so simple why mention it? Well some could do much better here. For one, be sure you are using a decent camera that will take good quality images.  Don’t settle for just 9 images from an old cellphone’s camera. Chances are if you have an RV, you have a good camera too. Use the good camera to ensure large, clear photos. Take like 30 images of the inside and out. Be sure to capture every angle of the item. I would also recommend taking the images in order, so by the time you upload them, they are already in order for the buyer, so when viewing them, the buyer will better feel like they are actually walking around your RV. Finally, take the images on a pretty day if possible. Taking the images when it’s snowing or when it’s about to storm doesn’t usually look to appealing to people who want or think they want an RV. Take the images when there is some sunshine and it looks nice outside.

Finally, post your RV for sale in as many places as possible. You’ve created a great ad, so show it off now and reap the rewards of your hard work by getting your item sold quicker and for a higher price. First, post your item on ListHD. This will show your item nicely and give you one central location to point buyers. ListHD makes it easy to post a nice image gallery to Craigslist too, which will impress buyers there. Add a link from all your other online advertisements to ListHD, by doing this, it makes it easier to make changes to your ad in the future. Don’t forget to add a link to your ListHD ad in your local classifieds publication (if you have one in your city/town).

These tips should definitely make your RV selling experience easier. Hope it works well for you and good luck.