Add Other Listings in Your Craigslist Ads for Cross Selling

View other listings link on craigslist ads

Sample template with Other Listings link

Buyers today are savvy shoppers and love a great selection. So why are you only presenting them with one option in your craigslist ads when you could be doing more?

If you are a dealer selling many related items or have several complimentary items for sale, you need to be providing the buyer a route to find those items. Sure you can mention similar items when they call you, but if you don’t generate enough interest you aren’t going to get the call.

ListHD makes it easy to link all your items together and showcase other items on each of your listings. On templates generated by ListHD, a convenient “My Other Listings” button is available. When clicked, a user is taken to a list of your items for sale (try in this example template).

Also, a gallery slider is avaliable on your ListHD listing pages that showcases your other items listed quite nicely. Being the only moving thing on the page, it jumps out at the viewer. This quickly turns a craigslist view of one item into a craigslist view of 20 of your items.

The best part of it is all ListHD services are free! See template examples and other features ListHD has to offer on the homepage.

Slider for your other listings

Sample slider on ListHD listing to feature seller's other items