Better Communication, New Look, Improved Listing Management

With a recent push, ListHD has gotten a new communication system, a new cleaner look, and a restructured listing management page, along with a few other tweaks. Here’s an overview of the recent changes. New communications system: With this new system, sellers can choose to respond directly the inquiring user by sending a new email […]

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HDmail: How It Works

What is HDmail? HDmail is the name given to the system for processing buyer and seller communication via email. When a buyer uses the contact form, an email notification is sent to the seller. If the seller chooses to reply directly to that notification, the email is sent to HDmail, which saves the incoming message […]

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Add Comments and Twitter Feed

Are you interested in additional ways to engage users who view your listings? Well now you have two new opportunities. Listing Comments allow you to add a discussion box to your ListHD listing using Facebook Comments or Disqus Comments. Of course Facebook Comments require a user to use their Facebook account to make a comment. […]

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Cross sell - view other listings

Add Other Listings in Your Craigslist Ads for Cross Selling

Buyers today are savvy shoppers and love a great selection. So why are you only presenting them with one option in your craigslist ads when you could be doing more? If you are a dealer selling many related items or have several complimentary items for sale, you need to be providing the buyer a route […]

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8 Tips For Selling a Truck on Craigslist Faster

Great! You’ve found that perfect new truck for a great deal, but wait, your wife says you’ve got to sell the old one first. Then you think good deals are always to good to be true, this truck is going to be long gone by the time mine sells. Well that doesn’t have to be […]

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How to Sell an RV Online with Craigslist

Selling an RV can be tough, being a recreational-luxury item, and especially tough in a down economy. There are some things you can do to increase your chances of success, so without further ado, let’s go over some. First, and most important, your RV has to be priced right – it has to be priced […]

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2012 New Year’s Resolution: Sell More!

So what New Year’s resolution have you made? Exercise every morning? Eat healthier? Start a new hobby? … What about sell more? Yes, sell more. Sure, that sounds great but how? Basically this is a great time to evaluate your online and offline marketing strategies. Is there room for improvement? Do you see competitors doing […]

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Create an image of your HTML template

SnapShot – Create an Image of your HTML Template

ListHD SnapShot allows users to create an image from their listHD template. The advantage of this is that it allows you to have more freedom over styling a template and dramatically reduce the amount of HTML code required to post a template. How postings are ghosted on Craigslist is a mysterious thing, but it seems […]

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Create a HTML Template on a Mobile Device

Trying to create a HTML template on a mobile device for craigslist or ebay can be a real pain and sometimes impossible. The good news is ListHD Basic makes it possible and fairly easy. ListHD Basic allows users to upload images by emailing them in as attachments, which is convenient since most people are very […]

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The quickest way to post a template on craigslist

The Quickest Way to Create a Craigslist Template – Basic

If you are looking to add a nice image gallery to your craigslist ad, but don’t want to spend more than 2 minutes doing it, you need to look into ListHD Basic. Basic allows you to quickly upload all your images, write a short description, generate the code, and preview it – all on the […]

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