Plastic & steel 55 gallon food grade drums for earthquakes, fires & floods Listing ID: 18215

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  • 01 Dec 2014, 1:20 am
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  • Chualar Monterey CA
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Plastic & steel 55 gallon food grade drums for earthquakes, fires & floods . Be prepared to look after yourself until help arrives, which might be many days depending on the scale of the disaster.

I sell open and closed top 55 and 58 gallon plastic or high density polyethylene (HDPE) barrels that peviously held fruit concentrates or soy sauce. They have been washed clean with water. Liquids and solids can be stored in the open top HDPE barrels. They are ideal containers should an eartquake cut your drinking water supply and will help keep your food dry and safe from rodents and insects until you can get help. Many of the gas tanks in our cars today are made of high density polyethylene. Our milk is sold to us in transparent to translucent high density polyethylene containers. 

Cost per HDPE barrel is $50.

All barrels and drums whether open or closed have been thoroughly cleaned and washed out with water. Please sterilize with bleach, chlorine or your favorite disinfectant for domestic drinking purposes.

530 923 6485 cell or text or go to my web site to buy barrels on line in California with Paypal at

I deliver up to 30 barrels or drums from Chualar, Monterey County to San Francisco for $100. I deliver to San Jose for $60.

I  sell metal 55 gallon barrels as planters for growing large fruit trees. Price is $35 per 55 gallon food grade barrel that includes lid, ring clamp and bolt. I also sell closed top metal barrels that have two bungs at the top that are ideally suited to diesel storage. Price $35

Please see my web site

Chris Landau

530 923 6485 cell text

831 290 0098 cell text

831 204 3912 home

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