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I deliver fruit and nut trees as presents this holiday season. Trees have been grown from seed and are well acclimatized to northern California's coastal and central valley regions.

I  supply well rotted and  aged horse manure compost  to help your fruit trees thrive. It is a great mulch, and plant food. Mulch allows your trees to remain wet in summer and drain well in the wet winter months. Compost sells for $120 per trailer load of 65 cubic feet or 2.4 cubic yards.

Trees that can be purchased for your garden, or as presents are:

Avocado, apple,, chestnut, mulberry, peach, plum and seed grape vines.

See my web site at

Trees sell at $10 per foot, in 5 and 15 gallon planters. A three foot tree, sells for $30.

Trees that sell at $20 per foot include fig, pecan nut, persimmon and apricot. These trees are very limited in stock, so buy early.

All trees are grown locally from seed without chemicals, fertilizers, hormones, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

Peach Trees in 55 gallon planters start at $120. Avocado trees in 55 gallon barrels start at $200 and increase in price depending on age and size.

I deliver to San Jose for $60 or pick up your trees in Chualar, Monterey County CA.


Chris Landau

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